Upskilling is the new Trend

The current Job market is becoming too demanding. It requires you to have hands-on experience on Latest Tools and Technologies used in the Industry. About 40% of Working Professionals are planning to Upskill themselves to stay relevant to their Current Jobs.



Meritshot intends to offer high-quality training/education that helps individuals develop the skills, knowledge, and values needed to make a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole. Our aim is to provide education that is accessible, affordable, and relevant to the needs of learners from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are determined to help individuals build a strong foundation in the various domains of their interest which they can apply in their professional careers and pave the way for a better future for one and all. One cant discount the importance of  becoming  informed and engaged with the most recent technological education  which is essential for the economic  well-being of their communities.


Our mission is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful  in today’s fast-paced digital world. Meritshot strives to create a supportive and collaborative learning environment where students can learn from industry experts, build their portfolios, and connect with other professionals , thus empowering them to achieve their career goals. Along with the theoretical knowledge, the practical application of the same  is also a primary area of focus for us. We ensure that our learning environment  fosters critical thinking, creativity, and a commitment to sustainability and economic growth.



 Our vision is to become a leading provider of the latest, cutting edge technological training across the globe and create a world where anyone can upskill themselves to keep pace with the rapidly changing society. We envision a future where technology-driven decision making is the norm and where individuals have the expertise and knowledge to effectively use technology for solving complex problems. We wish to empower individuals to make informed decisions based on the skilled use of technology, thereby creating a more informed and equitable society. Meritshot aspires to create a community of  experts who can use their skills to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems and drive innovation in various industries.

Redefining an Era

We observed that because the market is shifting so quickly, professionals must constantly advance their skills since learning for professionals ceases once they start working. Meritshot was created at this time to improve the lives of working professionals by assisting them in upskilling while they are employed. Through our PG programs, we want to provide great education to the future workforce, and we're working to make online learning just as dynamic as traditional classroom instruction.

Meet our Founders

Roshan Sharma

Founder & CEO


Maryam Siddiqui

Co-Founder & CMO

Our Core Team


Abrar Hussain

Placement and Training Manager


Hritik Gupta

Head of Academics / Data Science

Jaya Soni

Head of Operations/Data Evangelist

Astha Chopra

Astha Chopra

Full Stack Developer

Rishabh Adhikari,

Rishabh Adhikari

Finance Manager

Chandini Chauhan

Head of Corporate Relations

Akshit Jain

Sr. Admissions Manager

Manish kudhaval

Manish kudhaval

Student Support

Saarah khan

HR Director

Saadh Khan

Saadh Khan,

Sr. Data Scientist

Our Story

At Meritshot, our story begins with a simple yet powerful vision – to empower the youth of our nation with the latest technologies and tools, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the digital age.

We are a country with the  largest youth population in the world and we, at Meritshot, recognize the untapped potential that lies within our younger generation. However, we also understand the challenges that they face, the primary one,  lack of proper guidance and training, which often leaves them without clear career goals and direction. Guess what, nothing is more expensive than a wasted resource.

And this is where Meritshot steps in.  A great man once said, “Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together. At Meritshot, We offer online PG programs that provide the latest training and upskilling opportunities to young people of the country, preparing them to meet the growing demand for tech professionals across all industries. With our programs, we hope to foster socio-economic progress  by closing the skills gap and developing a more competent workforce.

What we wish to achieve is not very simple but not that difficult either. Every great dream begins with a dreamer and we have dared to dream. We are passionate about creating opportunities for young people to realize their full potential and make a meaningful contribution to society. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to excellence, we strive to provide the best possible learning experience to our students.

Our journey has only just begun, but we are enthusiastic to keep growing and make a difference in the world that we live in. The spark that we have all around us, we intend  to fan this into a flame. In today’s era, success is survival and you ought to be the winner!  The time for action is now. Join us on this transformational journey and let us help you unlock your full potential.

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