Certification and Examination Policy

Guidelines for Certification and Examinations at Meritshot

Policy for Internal Semester and Final Examinations at Meritshot

Exam Registration:

All students are required to register for both semester exams and the final exam.

There is no registration fee for the semester exams or the final exam. However, a fee will be charged for reappearing in any semester or final exam.

Exam Eligibility:

For programs with a duration of 11 months:

– Semester 1 exam eligibility: 90 days after the batch’s start date.

– Semester 2 exam eligibility: 180 days after the batch’s start date.

– Semester 3 exam eligibility: 240 days after the batch’s start date.

– Final exam eligibility: 270 days after the batch’s start date.

For programs with a duration of 6 months:

– Semester 1 exam eligibility: 45 days after the batch’s start date.

– Semester 2 exam eligibility: 90 days after the batch’s start date.

– Semester 3 exam eligibility: 120 days after the batch’s start date.

– Final exam eligibility: 150 days after the batch’s start date.

Please note that exam eligibility dates may be adjusted if a student has opted for a different batch start date than their original batch.

Meritshot Certification Eligibility:

Attendance Requirement:

To be eligible for Meritshot certification, students must maintain a minimum of 70% attendance throughout the course duration.

Score Requirement:

To be eligible for Meritshot certification, students must achieve a minimum combined score of 50% in all internal semester and final exams.

Third-Party Certification and Examination:

– Third-party certification fee-waiver is only applicable to students participating in specific Meritshot programs. Eligibility criteria can be found in the program brochure or support portal.

– Students can earn third-party certification from organizations approved or prescribed by Meritshot. Meritshot reserves the right to modify the list of approved third-party certifications.

– These third-party certification exams will be conducted on either Meritshot’s platform, third-party organization platforms, or Meritshot affiliate platforms.

– Students may be required to take additional classes and preparations for specific certifications.

– Please note that certification bodies such as IBM, Nasscom, Microsoft, etc., hold their respective trademarks and rights. Students may need to create separate accounts on their platforms, if applicable. It’s mandatory to use the same user details as submitted on Meritshot on any third-party platform for verification purposes.

– In the event of exam failure or reattempt, subsequent exams will be subject to the actual fees specified by the third-party organization, excluding taxes.

Eligibility for Third-Party Certification:

– Students must successfully clear the internal Meritshot final exam before becoming eligible for third-party certification.

– Third-party certification eligibility is limited to students enrolled in the specific course that offers the certification.

Exam Failure and Absenteeism:

Meritshot holds no liability if a student fails any certification exam, including both Meritshot and third-party certifications. Students are responsible for adequately preparing for the certification exams. Once a student registers for the exam, the exam date cannot be rescheduled. It is essential for students to carefully consider their availability and preparedness before registering for the exam to ensure they can attend the scheduled date and time. Meritshot does not allow rescheduling of exam dates once registration has been completed. Students are advised to plan their schedules accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

Exam Format and Platform:

All certification examinations will be conducted using a Computer-Based Test (CBT) format.

Meritshot will conduct certification examinations using its platform, partner software, or trusted third-party portals. We are committed to providing a reliable examination process and will leverage superior infrastructure and high-end technology to ensure a seamless experience. However, unforeseen circumstances may arise, and if there are any technical or logistical challenges, Meritshot reserves the right to request students to reappear for the exam without charging any additional fees. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the certification process and promptly address any issues to ensure a fair and transparent examination environment.

Exam Absenteeism:

If a student fails to appear for the exam after registering, they will be responsible for paying the fee for any additional exam attempts.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their availability and preparedness for the scheduled exam.

Failure to attend the exam without a valid reason will result in the student being charged for any subsequent exam they wish to take.

We encourage students to carefully manage their exam schedules and make necessary arrangements to be present for the exams they register for to avoid incurring additional costs.

Additional Guidelines:

Attendance Requirement:

To be eligible to appear for any semester of the undergraduate examination, students must have a minimum of 70% attendance in the delivered lectures.

Internal Assessments:

Students are required to complete internal assessments before appearing for the respective semester examination. Marks obtained in the internal assessments will be carried over in case students fail to pass the course(s).

AI and Remote Proctoring:

Students must provide consent for AI and remote proctoring during online exams. The exam will be remotely proctored, with human proctors supported by AI technology monitoring the session and workspace through a live video and audio feed. This process will be recorded. Before the exam begins, the proctor will verify the photos taken by the student.

Meritshot is committed to upholding integrity, fairness, and transparency in the certification and examination process, providing students with a valuable and enriching learning experience that enhances their skills.