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Course Curriculum


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • You will get to learn the Basic Fundamentals of Marketing in today’s world, You will understand the fundamentals about Digital Marketing and Its importance for Online Businesses. You will get exposed to various types of Marketing and Digital Marketing Channels crucial for different sectors.
  • You will get to learn about the different types of marketing channels in depth and also understand the purpose of each of these marketing channels along with their metrics through which you can evaluate them. You will also learn to identify the best channels to distribute to a target audience.
  • You will get to learn about the different types of digital marketing channels in depth such as SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, Influencer Marketing etc. You will also learn about the various Tools used for these Channels.
  • You will get to learn about the 7Cs and 7Ps in detail, Where 7Cs are Customer, Context, Content, Commerce, Connection, Communication, and Community, and 7Ps are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, and Physical Evidence.

Introduction to SEO, SEM, SMM, & PPC

  • You will get to learn about the fundamentals of SEO, Keyword research and analysis, On-page optimization such as meta tags, header tags, and content optimization, Off-page optimization such as link building, and social media marketing, Local SEO, and Google Page Optimization.
  • You will get to learn about SEM in detail, Landing Page Optimization such as designing, testing landing pages, Copywriting, CTAs, Conversion rate optimization techniques, A/B Testing , Multivariate Testing, Measure ROI, Attribution Modeling, Mobile Optimization, and Voice search Optimization etc.
  • You will get to learn about Social Media Marketing in detail,  Fundamentals of Social Media Platform selection and strategy, Fundamentals of Content creation and strategy, Social Media advertising, and budget setting, Influencer marketing, Analytics and Reporting.
  • You will get to learn about the fundamentals of PPC Advertising in detail, Ad campaign creation, and management, Keyword research and selection, Ad targeting, and bidding strategies, Ad Copywriting and A/B testing, Display advertisements, Remarketing, Retargeting, Reporting etc.

Social Media Ads and Marketing

  • You will understand the most important factors of creating a strong presence on social media platforms such as Content creation, content strategy, Brand communications, brand strategy, Audience engagement, Community management plan, Advertising strategy for niche etc.
  • You will get to learn about the fundamentals of creating a social media progress report, You will understand how to Define your Goals, setting up KPIs, Data Collection and Analysis, Summarizing the Findings and building recommendations, and Optimizations etc.
  • You will get to learn about the fundamentals of creating Ads for social media channels, Audience Targeting, Ad formatting and design, ad copy and messaging, defining campaign strategy, objectives, and KPIs, Measurement and optimization, Compliances and Regulations etc.
  • You will learn to create advertisements and promotions for different types of use cases and understand the basics of ad designing, campaign strategies, finding the target users, catering to the niche audiences, determining the topics for content creation, promotion strategy etc.

Email & Content Marketing

  • You will get to learn about the fundamentals of Email Marketing, List building, customer segmentation, email campaign creation and design, copywriting and personalization, Performing A/B Testing and optimization, and Performing the Analytics and Reporting.
  • You will get to learn about the selection of the right email marketing platform, Email content development, Automation setup, trigger events and setting up automation rules, Testing and refining the automation setup, setting up email tracking and analytics to measure effectiveness etc.
  • You will get to learn basic fundamentals of content marketing, You will learn to build content strategy and planning based upon different types of products, Content creation and optimization, introduction to various tools used for writing blogs, video content, infographics etc.
  • You will learn to create amazing Blogs for brand building, You will learn to identify the right platforms, finding the right niche audiences, designing and setting up your blog, brainstorming blog ideas and content, Using AI for blog content, promoting your Blogs etc.

Web Analytics & Brand Strategy

  • You will get to learn about the most commonly used Marketing Analytics tool, Basic Campaign, Conversion Tracking, Data Collection, Processing, Setting up Data Collection and Configuration, Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques, Advanced Marketing Tools,
  • You will get to understand about the Audiences, Acquisitions(from where they are coming from), and their behaviors, Conversion rate, product performance and reviews, conversions goals, creating funnels, funnel visualizations, social conversions, and reporting.
  • You will get to learn about various ways of increasing customer conversions during onboarding, Frameworks to understand the concept of growth hacking, Referrals strategy and customer advocacy, customer journey, Customization of Onboarding process for different sets of customers etc.
  • You will get to learn about the fundamentals of Marketing and Branding Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Personality, UniqueValue Proposition, Brand Uniformity across various touch points, Marketing Mix Models, Core Message, Customer Avatars, Brand Authenticity and Genuineness etc.

Leveraging ChatGPT for Digital Marketing

  • You will get to learn and analyze about the various use-cases of ChatGPT in the field of digital marketing, You will also get to understand about the implications of ChatGPT on Various use cases of Online business relying on the digital marketing Industry.
  • You will learn to utilize ChatGPT to assist in the creation of unique content in building a web presence, customize messages for different client categories, assist the creation of social media content to increase the outreach, and strategize marketing plans based on consumer feedback analysis.
  • You will learn to create highly engaging and tailored subject lines and email content using ChatGPT, Generate SEO-optimized content using ChatGPT, and also learn to use ChatGPT for content creation for A/B Testing and other marketing requirements and specifications etc.
  • You will get to learn about social media analytics using ChatGPT, and also understand how to leverage the power of predictive analytics provided by ChatGPT to predict a lot of marketing metrics which can then be optimized for better customer experience.

Industry Projects

Blogging Website

Blogging Website

Build a user-friendly blogging website with features like user registration, blog post creation, categories, tags, social sharing, comments, and search functionality.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud Computing.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery Website

Create a convenient food delivery website allowing users to browse menus, place orders, track deliveries, and provide reviews for a seamless dining experience.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud Computing.

Events Booking

Events Booking Website

Develop an events booking website that enables users to discover, browse, book tickets for various events, and stay updated with event details, ensuring a smooth event experience.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud Computing.


Entertainment News App

Design an engaging entertainment news app providing users with the latest updates, articles, and videos on movies, TV shows, celebrities, and trending topics in the entertainment industry.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud Computing.

Product Prices

Project Management Tool

Create a comprehensive project management tool that allows teams to collaborate, track tasks, manage deadlines, allocate resources, and monitor progress for efficient project execution and delivery.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud Computing.

Social Networking site

Build a dynamic social networking site where users can connect, share updates, post multimedia content, join groups, and engage with others in a vibrant online community.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud Computing.

Recommend products

Crowdfunding Platform

Develop a crowdfunding platform empowering individuals and organizations to raise funds for creative projects, social causes, and entrepreneurial ventures, enabling widespread support and collaboration.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud Computing.

Classification cnn

Building an OTT Platform

Create an immersive OTT platform delivering high-quality streaming content, including movies, TV shows, and original series, providing users with on-demand entertainment anytime, anywhere.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Cloud Computing.

The Impact on Career

Average Salary Hike


Highest Salary Hike


Highest Salary

21 LPA

Career Support

  • Prepare your Project Portfolio
  • Build your Social Media Network
  • Build your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Practice Interview Questions and Mock Interview
  • Start Applying on Mega job portals

Program Eligibility & Prerequisites

  • Must have good communication skills in English Language.

  • Must have a basic computer literacy.

  • Must have scored equal or more than 50% in 10th Boards

  • Must have scored equal or more than 50% in 12th Boards

  • Must be a Graduate/Final year student in Science Backgrounds.

  • Must have a PC/laptop with proper Internet connection.

Program flow

6 Months

Learn Full Stack web development with Javascript, React, Node, Express & MongoDB.

2 Months

Work on industry Projects & Case studies for building a Project Portfolio worth sharing with Recruiters.

1 Month

Become Job ready by preparing a Portfolio on Github, Hackerrank, Medium etc.

Weekly Commitment


Live Sessions (Sat-Sun) 90 minutes.


One hour on weekdays, and 3-4 hours on weekends, 11-13 hours/week


Weekly Assignments shared every monday. (Average time spent to solve: 45 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions


You will be getting to try your hands on many digital marketing tools, some of them are MailChimp.

  • Google Analytics.
  • Google Ads.
  • Canva Business.
  • Trello.
  • Slack.
  • Yoast SEO.
  • Survey Anyplace.

It is a combination of a core program in Digital Marketing, plus soft skills and career training. This involves rigorous training that will teach you all aspects of digital marketing and enhance your soft skills to prepare you for the fast-paced digital industry.

  • One-on-one career mentoring and job opportunities* (*T&C apply), to help you fulfil your personal objective behind joining this program.
  • 10+ case studies and projects based on actual marketing campaigns and delivered online by experts from leading companies.
  • Hands-on projects where you get your hands dirty and get one-on-one personal feedback.
  • Plus we offer  job opportunities* (*T&C apply) upon successful completion of the program.

The learner must have:

  1. Work experience between 0-3 years of experience before joining the program
  2. A graduation degree from an accredited institution in India with a minimum of 50% marks
  3. Valid mark sheets and certificates to validate the degree
  4. A valid identity proof (PAN Card/Aadhar Card/Driving License) 
  5. A legal work permit to work in India
  6. Be able to pass any background check from previous employers/ institutes. In case you fail to pass the background check associated with the job offer, you will not be eligible for the Program fee refund.
  7. Learners must achieve a minimum of 60% attendance across all sessions (approximately 12 hours/week)
  8. Learners must score a minimum of 50% score in the final (industry-relevant)  examination (hard skills, soft skills, and communication skills)
  9. Learners must complete all 5 live projects as per stipulated timelines
  10. Learners must attend all career and mentorship calls offered during the program

Learners must complete Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate during the course of the program

This program contains 5+ live projects co-designed with industry and domain leaders in Digital Marketing. Further, the industry projects will help you apply your digital marketing learning. These projects expose you to ground zero real industry scenarios in marketing, and you will get detailed feedback on your submissions.Our programs have a strong experiential component that would prepare you to apply your learning on the job. Learn - Experience - Apply. Cases and industry projects will help you experience real-life challenges in marketing. These will enable you to step into the shoes of leading Digital Marketers at agencies and companies and put to use theoretical learning in an experiential manner.Post this program, these will serve as a portfolio of projects you can illustrate to your potential employers. This will help you build your profile and strengthen your skills to appear for placement interviews.

You need to spend at least an hour during the weekdays, and 2-3 hours during the weekends, and 3-4 hours for the Weekly assignments.Which makes it 11-14 hours per week for the duration of 6 months. Overall this program will have 5-7 Live sessions every week, each session could be of 60-90 minutes.

If a learner meets all the terms and conditions as specified above and is not placed with a minimum CTC of Rs 4 LPA within 5 months of the completion of the online training, the learner will get a paid internship with a minimum stipend of Rs 15,000/month for up to 6 months.

In case a learner doesn’t get a job even after the end of a paid internship, Meritshot will refund 100% of the program fee.

Failure by the learner to comply with any of the guidelines or terms mentioned in this document will release Meritshot from its placement opportunity* (*T&C apply) obligations and the learner waives the right to receive a refund or avail of this scheme. The decision of Meritshot shall be final with respect to the determination of compliance or breach  (including sufficiency) by the learner of any of the terms mentioned in this document. 


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