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Role-aligned learning paths that map digital skills to desired learner outcomes.

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
Data Science and AI
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Engineering
Marketing and Business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Quality Management

Customized Solutions

Level-setting and Upskilling

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Digital Learning Path

Meritshot Advantage

Level-setting and Upskilling

Results are driven by live virtual classes, mentorship conversations, practical assignments, and interactive laboratories.

Solutions that can be customized to your needs

We’re dedicated to your success, from contextualized learning paths through learning portal integration.

Latest curriculum from industry experts and universities

Programs are co-developed with the world’s top practitioners and academics and aligned with leading certification bodies.

Enterprise Features

Integrated Learning Environment

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Impact Business – Success Case Studies


63% growth in sales conversion, at an IT/Software firm.

29% revenue growth at our client, a leading fintech solutions company.

100% adoption of an internal app at an e-commerce client.

Frequently Asked Questions


Corporate training is the process of giving employees of a corporation the necessary job skills and information through a structured education. Online or offline instructional content (text or video), online or in-person lectures and mentoring, real-world or virtual group engagement, online or in-person lab exercises, or practical projects are the typical formats.

Corporate training is crucial for startups and large companies alike as it enhances employee skills, boosts productivity, and drives innovation. For startups, it lays the foundation for growth by equipping the workforce with essential knowledge and expertise. In large companies, training ensures workforce adaptability to industry advancements, increasing competitiveness. It fosters a learning culture, improves employee satisfaction, and reduces turnover. Moreover, training empowers employees to take on new challenges, driving business success through improved performance and efficiency. Ultimately, corporate training is a strategic investment that enables both startups and large companies to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing business environment.

It has been demonstrated that Meritshot's blended learning delivery strategy results in better and more reliable learning outcomes as well as higher rates of learner engagement. The curriculum is created and maintained by top experts in each sector, with a focus on the digital economy skills that are most in demand at contemporary businesses, and it is in line with reputable certifying agencies. A learning management system (LMS) dashboard that offers visibility and support for managers and learners alike, along with interactive instructor-led live virtual classrooms, online self-paced learning, hands-on projects, and online labs, are all available to organizations as part of flexible and personalized skills training. These capabilities enable our enterprise clients to cost-effectively upskill their personnel through corporate training programs and contribute to our industry-leading course completion rates

With an emphasis on four primary industry verticals: Digital Business, Technology, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Operations. Meritshot offers corporate training in more than 15 specialized programs. Digital Marketing, Business & Leadership, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Cyber Security, Software Development, Data Science & AI, Big Data, Agile & Scrum, IT Service & Architecture, Project Management, and Quality Management are just a few of the corporate training programs we provide. These corporate training programs are further divided into distinct courses and role-based learning pathways, from which businesses may select.

The corporate training program offered by Meritshot has no minimum team size requirement. Whether you need to train a single team member or an entire division, our Customer Success experts will work with you to create a learning path that is perfect for your business and employees, regardless of the size of your team.

Blended learning is an educational approach that combines traditional face-to-face instruction with online learning activities and resources. It integrates various learning methods and technologies to create a comprehensive and flexible learning experience. In a blended learning model, students may attend in-person classes, engage in virtual discussions, complete online assignments, and access digital resources.


The goal of blended learning is to leverage the strengths of both traditional classroom teaching and online learning to enhance the overall educational experience. It allows for more personalized learning paths, as students can progress at their own pace and review content as needed. Additionally, blended learning enables educators to optimize their teaching strategies and cater to the diverse needs of learners, fostering a more effective and engaging learning environment.

Yes, You can avail yourself of as many Doubt Sessions or Problem-solving sessions as you require.

Yes, You will get Certified after the completion of the Training Program.

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